One of the replica watches new 2015 Patek Philippe watches

One of the fake Patek Philippe new 2015 Patek Philippe watches is an 18k rose gold version of the Nautilus known as the ref. 5177 / 1R - specifically, 5711 / 1R-001 - and here it is in the flesh. Patek Philippe is a brand mostly known for its perfectly conservative mechanical watches that listen to the past and high auction results. While the Patek Philippe Nautilus isn't exactly a niche model given its popularity, when I saw this new version of the high-end sports watch, I couldn't help but think to myself: "Patek Philippe would have come out with Nautilus watch today? ”

If you had asked me the same question in 2014, I would have unequivocally expressed a "no" answer. The whole theme that Patek Philippe is addressing these days is the classic look and the traditional design. There is very little place in the brand for modern sports watches. Yes, ignore the existence of the Nautilus and its younger brother Aquanaut for a moment - and look at the rest of Patek's watch family. You see a lot of long sleeve watches and not much else at Patek Philippe's house. Then again, if you had asked me the same question after Baselworld 2015, I might have changed my mind, but just a little. If you remember, Patek Philippe released the controversial Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524 watch which, while not modern, is replica watches in fact a sports watch (albeit in 18K white gold).

Calatrava's Tempo Pilota really excited me about Patek's future offerings. One of the main reasons I have respect for Patek Philippe is that for many years they have been one of the innovative watch brands fake watches uk to experiment with a bevy of case, dial and movement designs. Today, Patek feels the need to be much more firm in their design, but a hint of inspiration is still seen from time to time. If I could have a desire for watchmaking, it would be to see what a futuristic Patek Philippe (designed by Patek Philippe) would look like.

So, speaking of sports watches (especially gold sports watches), let's talk about this Nautilus in 18k rose gold with a "groovy" shaded brown dial. The Nautilus from the 70s -tastic? Absolutely, and to fully appreciate the Nautilus experience, why not pair it with a gradient dial for the period? Patek Philippe originally introduced the Nautilus at a time when it was all the rage in the luxury watch industry to feature high-end steel sports watches. This started with pieces like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Today, luxury sports watches are probably the most popular type of luxury watches - at least in the Western world, that is.

Speaking of the Royal Oak and the Nautilus, these iconic models have something in common - and this one was designed by Gerald Genta. It is really a shame that Gerald Genta is dead because I would really like to fake Panerai have the opportunity to talk to him today and ask him what he thinks about the popularity of his models from the 70s. Few people mention Genta's later designs, but what he mostly did in the 1970s is pretty much at the peak of popularity these days.